Vintage only:
My Steinberger collection

Starting out with a Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro and still finding myself constantly looking for the real deal, I began to research everything Steinberger. In the course of more than ten years, I was able to acquire a small but special collection of vintage Bergers, getting to know interesting people and last but not least making new friends. The gallery below allows you to dive deep into my istruments, their history, specifications and features:

Steinberger GL2 (1984)
Steinberger GL2T (1985)
Steinberger GL2TA (1992)
Steinberger GM1TA (1987)
Steinberger GM4TA (1988)
Steinberger GM7TA (2007)
Steinberger GP2T (1986)
Steinberger XM2DB (1989)
Steinberger XL25A (1989)
Steinberger XQ2T (1989)