1989 GL2-12

  • General: Wooooh, never thought I would ever get one of these. The 12TracTuner is genius and it solves all the problems, a 12-string guitar usually has: 1.) Steinberger’s stiff materials support tuning stability, as do the double ball strings that are not wrapped around a peg, but just pulled in a straight direction. 2.) the TracTuner does – by its nature – not cause a guitar to become neck heavy, as all other instruments with 12-string tuning mechanisms at the neck do. 3.) intonation is amazing, as every string can be adjusted individually!
  • Date manufactured: April 1989 (pickups date March 1989, production note in body read April 25)
  • Body/Neck: One piece composite
  • Bridge: Steinberger 12 TracTuner with the according 12 string headpiece
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: EMG85 humbuckers, active
  • Notes: Finally, the shimmering glorious sound of a 12-string with all problems solved!