1985 Steinberger GL2T (TransTrem1)

  • General: After reading many stories about the TransTrem Type1, I had to have one myself. All the statements that I came across sang the same tune: The hand crafted TransTrem Type 1 would be far superior in terms of sustain to the zinc alloy cast production TransTrem Type 2. Of course, as there are very few of these around, it took me quite some time to get hold of one. This is one of the first TT-equipped guitars ever made. In the gallery you will find two letters of confirmation from Stanley M. Jay (administrator of Steinberger Sound).
  • Date manufactured: Most likely March 1985 (the first letter of confirmation is dated April 10, 1985)
  • Body/Neck: One piece composite
  • Bridge: TransTrem Type 1 (serial # 51)
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2 x EMG 81 active + passive controls
  • Notes: I am really fond of the TT1, but I have to bust one myth: It is not entirely made of milled steel, as frequently proclaimed. The base plate and side plates are milled steel. The inner part that houses the string claws is milled aluminum. The guitar is a real rocker with endless sustain. So, if you like Steinies and you are able to get hands on such an instrument, don‘t miss this opportunity!