1988 Steinberger GM4TA

  • General: This is the M model. This was first introduced in 1987.
  • Date manufactured: October 1988
  • Body: Hard maple, original red finish with white binding. The white binding has changed into a very nice vintage cream tone. By the way, bindings have been used on M-instruments by 1989.
  • Neck: This is an original Steinberger bolt on neck using five screws. The fifth screw is tapped, so a smaller screw that holds the strap pin can be fit into the larger screw that also holds the neck.
  • Bridge: TransTrem 2
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: EMG 85, 2 x EMG SA. I always considered myself a humbucker guy. But since I’ve got this, I instantly fell in love with the crisp and very dynamic single coil sounds of the EMGs. It also features HAZ Labs active EQ