2007 Steinberger GM7TA (MusicYo)

  • General: This highly flamed beauty is a GM7TA from the USA made Steinberger MusicYo-era and younger sister of my Newburgh GMs. MusicYo – a subdivision of Gibson – was selling guitars from 1999 until the end of 2008 as a web-based store. At first they only offered the less costly Korean made „Spirit“ models but then introduced the Steinberger USA line featuring mostly GM-type instruments in 2002. I was checking the MusicYo page very often back then and most of the time it said: „Temporarily sold out“. Once they answered my question about the next delivery. It read, that they didn‘t have enough capacities but new guitars will arrive shortly. Fact is, I sent mails for one and a half years and there was never any instrument available. As far as I know the serial numbers for the USA models didn‘t reach 2000, which is quite low for almost six years. Strange but true. By the way you can recognize a MusicYo Instrument quite easily as the serial number always starts with two zeros. Brooklyn/Newburgh/Nashville instruments do not have the leading zeros. This particular instrument is N001700. The GM7TA was the top of the line model at MusicYo with three pickups /w coil-split for humbuckers, active equalization and TransTrem. Compared to Newburgh instruments, body contours have been rounded (They also did that during the time, Steinberger was located in Nashville), neck dimension have also been overworked and feel even more comfortable. The finish of the neck is very slick and guarantees fast gliding. So, there‘s no need to be fixated on a vintage Newburgh guitar, grab one of the Yos and be happy!
  • Date manufactured: 2007
  • Body: Two-piece Alder body /w book-matched and highly figured maple top, finish: honeyburst
  • Neck: Steinberger M/S Blend™ ultra-stable one-piece graphite neck
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Bridge: Steinberger TransTrem 2
  • Pickups: EMG-89 (bridge and neck /w coil splitting), EMG-SA (middle), HAZ-Labs Active EQ
  • Notes: Features the slimmer M/S blend neck, which makes it play very very easy.