1986 Steinberger GP2T

  • General: This is the economy version of the original L-design guitar. Ned Steinberger wanted to offer a high quality guitar under US$ 1.000 (for the hardtail version). It features a wooden body and a Steinberger composite neck. Bodies came from suppliers from Japan, hardware is USA made by Steinberger and EMG! This particular instrument is in rare all original condition! Only an estimated 1.000 GP-Guitars and basses have been built. The P-Series was a very short lived product line and was abandoned very soon because Ned Steinberger could not keep the price without using lower quality hardware, which he wouldn‘t want to use. The standard GP came with S-Trem and passive EMG pickups. Higher priced versions sported a TransTrem 2  (like mine) or an additional HAZLabs active equalization. As the GP was the less costly model, many guitars have been modified over the years or gutted for parts. So, all original GP have become really rare over the years.
  • Date manufactured: 1986
  • Body: Hard maple
  • Neck: Steinberger composite
  • Bridge: TransTrem Type2
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2 X EMG HZG Humbuckers. My GP features the passive version of the EMG humbuckers which were standard on this instruments.
  • Notes: Small and comfortable, quite light.