1989 Steinberger XM2DB

  • General: It‘s the M bass model, introduced in 1987. It belonged to player Les July who played with the likes of KD Lang (can be heard on her 1993 album), Dr. Dre, Slash, and Herbie Hancock. It came with an extra (lined fretless) neck that is installed now. I bought it with many signatures. This bass appears to signed by artist as aprize/trophy. However, as most of these were non-Steinberger players, I decided to remove all of them.
  • Date manufactured: July 1989
  • Body: hard maple, original red finish with white binding. The white binding has changed into a very nice vintage cream tone.
  • Neck: This is an original Steinberger bolt on neck using five screws.
  • Bridge: DB Bridge. It was introduced in July 1988 after the Bass TransTrem didn‘t turn out to be a great financial success (altough it was a great innovation). Bassists liked a transposing feature but needed it for the E-string only.
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2 x EMG HB, dated Feb 1988. It features passive electronics
  • Notes: Very well balanced, comfortable and nice sounding playing bass.