1990 Steinberger XQ2T (Bass TransTrem)

  • General: Well, this is indeed a rare bird. Only 140-200 Bass TransTrems have been made and a handfull were installed on XQ-basses.
  • Date manufactured: 1990 (pickups date May/June 1990)
  • Body: hard maple, original black finish
  • Neck: This is an original Steinberger bolt on neck using five screws.
  • Bridge: Bass TransTrem
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2x EMG HB
  • Notes: Wow, this was a great find indeed. The Bass TransTrem was a rather short-lived product and never made it into serial production. Players liked the transposing feature, however requested this only for the E-string. As a result, the Bass TT was discontinued and its successor was the DB bridge that featured a D tuner for the E string. see XM2DB for this bridge.