1984 GL2 hardtail

  • General: This particular instrument is one of the very first production GLs. At the time, Steinberger introduced their guitar line, Ned Steinberger was already developing the TransTrem which was launched in July 1984. So the first rush of (pre-production and production) guitars featured a hardtail bridge mainly made of milled steel. Completely unmodified as this instrument is, it even features the original strap pins! Also note the plug-in leg rest. Many of those have been lost over the time.
  • Date manufactured: May, 25th 1984, The first production GL was #1578 and dates April 1984. So this instrument (#1644) is around the 60th (guitars&basses sharing the same numbering) production GL ever made.
  • Body/Neck: One piece composite
  • Bridge: Steinberger hand-milled hardtail bridge with a baseplate made of steel and others parts made of a brass alloy
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: EMG-SG81/60 (bridge), EMG 81 (neck) active
  • Notes: The plug-in leg rest also is very comfortable, because it allows some twisting while playing compared to the stiff folding leg rest, which was used from 1985 on. The sustain of this instrument is incredible. The entire sound shows very rich harmonics – even compared to other Steinberger guitars!