1992 Steinberger GL2TA (employee; with additional white faceplate)

  • General: This is the real deal, an all original GL made from the mystic Steinberger composite material. Neck and body are one piece. The body is hollow and has a faceplate attached with six screws (5/64“ hex allen wrench). This faceplate can also be changed for another one to have other pickup configurations. WHICH I did!
    This particular guitar is a so called employee guitar that has no serial stamped on the body but that features a serial number inside the body.
  • Date manufactured: Body dates 1990, Neck pickup dates 1991, yellow markings inside say 1992. So, it took a longer journey and was finished 1992.
  • Body/Neck: One piece composite
  • Bridge: TransTrem Type2
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2 x EMG 85 active + active HAZ Labs EQ
  • Notes: As I had a Steinberger Spirit guitar before buying a real GL, I was quite astounded, how heavy they are compared to their size. But they are quite light for electric guitars, hang perfectly balanced on your body and are very easy to play, although the neck really can be considered a baseball bat. It now sports a white faceplate with a “4” pickup configuration.