1989 Steinberger XL25A white

  • General: This very rare five string bass is an awesome instrument! In sum, around 8,000 graphite instruments (guitars as well as basses) have been produced, only 5 % of them in white color. As well there haven‘t been so many five-stringers among those. So I‘d estimate a 100-150 of white 5-strings exist.
    Made of the Steinberger blend material, this is the bass version with the narrow string spacing. That means, it‘s basically a 4-string bass neck with five strings attached. This version has the correct pickups, because the L25 used pickups with four magnets where the A-string didn‘t have a proper magnetic window. Later in the XL25 EMG custom made pickups which can be used for 4 but also 5 string basses (sticker reads „IV-V“).
    Steinberger also offered the 5 string bass as a „wide“ version with a normal string spacing. Even more rare, around 50 of those have ever been made.
  • Date manufactured: Nov. 29th 1989
  • Body/Neck: One piece composite
  • Bridge: Steinberger 5 string bass bridge /w stainless steel string claws. + corresponding 5 string headpiece
  • Hardware: Steinberger
  • Pickups: 2 X EMG HB IV-V, HAZ-Labs Active Equalization
  • Notes: Hangs very comfortable on body due to the pivot plate, plays very very easy. Has found a very good new home with a fellow Steinberger friend in 12/2014!